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Fulfilling Our Divine Mission

"A life need not be great to be beautiful.  There may be as much beauty in a tiny flower as in a majestic tree, in a little gem as in a great jewel.  A life may be very lovely and yet be insignificant in the world's eyes.  A beautiful life is one that fulfills its mission in this world, that is what God made it to be, and does what God made it to do.  Those with only commonplace gifts are in danger of thinking that they cannot live a beautiful life - cannot be a blessing in this world.  But the smallest life that fills its place well is far lovelier in God's sight than the largest and most splendidly gifted - yet fails in its divine mission."
Far better in its place the lowliest bird
Should sing aright to Him the lowliest song,
Than that a seraph strayed should take the word
And sing His glory wrong. - Selected.
-Mrs. Charles E. Cowman
taken from Streams in the Desert, Vol. 2, August 6th

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